Statistics - Rating activity

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In order to display CEREP statistics, please, make your selection using the available filters on the right. Only filters for which there is data in the CEREP are available.

Hints on statistics search:

In order to display statistics, the mandatory filters have to be selected. The mandatory filters are: Credit Rating Agency (CRA), Rating Type, Time horizon and Period.

In case the period selected includes a change on the rating scale used by the CRA, only partial rating statistics are displayed. Default rates and transition matrices can not be calculated in this case.

For the non mandatory filters, exclusion of values is also allowed.

The filter selection is maintained when navigating among the Rating activity, Defaults and Transition matrices tabs.

In order to reset the filters, and start a new search, click on New search

As long as a Credit Rating Agency is selected, description of the CRA is displayed on the screen. Additional information about the CRA and its rating methodology is displayed in the CRA information data link.

The CRAs rating scales are available in the Rating scale link. If all mandatory filters are not selected, all rating scales are available. If all mandatory filters are selected, and therefore, statistics are displayed on the screen, only the rating scale applicable to the selection is available.